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#ReadingWrite: American Born Chinese, by Gene Luen Yang.

We're doing something called the #ReadingWrite challenge at work. As per the head of strategy's email:

Training shouldn’t be all PowerPoint and Power Poses. 

Training can be you and a good book. 

Send me your request and we will buy you a book. 

It can be on anything you want. 

Fiction. Non-fiction. Pulp fiction. 

In exchange I would like you write a 100 word synopsis and perhaps swap with another strat. 
Instead of going for the new Romanov history I've been furtively consuming at every bookshop visit, I decided to embrace a growth mindset and went for a graphic novel called American Born Chinese.

I deliberately chose a graphic novel because I tend to be a snob about what constitutes "real" literature.

I ended up reading it three times: once for the story (quickly, on the train home), the second time to also savour the images, and then again to reabsorb.

The illustrations are gorgeous; they evoke East Asian woodcuts but also Herge, and manage to be stylized (and yet detai…