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On consuming "content" voraciously.

Staying on top of trends and yet innovating beyond them. I spend a good chunk of my week reading about all things advertising and marketing. What the latest campaigns are. What worked. What didn't. Analyses of what worked and why (as I've written about before ). Best practice case studies. But ultimately, to paraphrase (and slightly bowdlerize) Karl Marx on Feuerbach , looking at what's been done before only gets you so far. That's why for me it's so important to go beyond "the industry." Now I know I easily read as pretentious. I like museums and the opera. I read books galore, watch foreign and art house films, and (mostly pre-child) went to obscurish theater performances. But at the same time – I consume "content" (images, words, visuals, experiences) voraciously and indiscriminately. I never want to be that person who says "should I know who that is" (or something similarly dismissive) on hearing a celebrity (and if I don't know