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Authenticity vs. relatablity.

Are you being authentic enough in your marketing and advertising efforts? And - perhaps more importantly - do consumers actually want genuine authenticity, or is it just another permutation of peddling products  using the notion of an unachievable ideal? Back in March,  Jill Byron wrote for AdAge that "in the never-ending quest for marketers to connect with millennials, authenticity continues its reign as the marketing 'it' word of the decade." Organic Valley's   "Real Morning Report"  and Burt's Bees' #LoveYourNature campaigns are definitely symptomatic of this trend: all positive, empowering messaging about how great it is to embrace the real you (your best possible self and all that) over some ideal that just isn't and won't be. The turn towards authenticity is far from new of course: Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty has been around since 2004, crusading against "an unrealistic standard of beauty." I'm not going to