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I write a lot about the importance of innovation. The agency for which I work wants to be innovative. And the clients want to be innovative as well. Create something new. Stay ahead of the trends. Stand out (in a positive way). But actually innovating is hard. Not just for big companies. Also for the small, purportedly agile ones. It's hard to come up with new ideas. (Like I tell my daughter when practicing the piano: if playing the piano were really that easy, everyone would be good at it.) For big companies, changing the way things are done is risky – stakeholders could be disappointed if not alienated; market share could be lost; the brand could be humiliated. For the small ones, trialing something new could sink the business if it doesn't work. And for everyone, there's always so much else to think about. The mundane, everyday stuff, of the admin variety - not intellectually challenging, but definitely necessary. Still, innovation happens every day. Like Bosch's pai