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Improving my short copy game, take one.

I have a slight problem with short copy.

Sometimes I get it right.

Often I don't.

Social media posts – like tweets – and email subject lines come relatively easy to me. Long copy also tends to flow, unless the tyranny of the blank page gets to me.

But super-short, ad-like copy can be harder.

Our Creative Director says it has to do with the fact that my copy isn't emotional enough – it's too functional.

One of our Junior Art Directors says my copy starts off emotional – but then I excise the emotion (like a tumor, I suppose) and the remainder is somewhat soulless. Phrased differently? I tend to lobotomize my short copy.

So I've started turning to poetry for inspiration.

To use another oh-so-clinical metaphor, I thoroughly enjoyed dissecting poems at school. Imbuing combinations of words with meaning they may not have had before, but now – because I said so (or because I discovered it?) – that's what they mean.

Because in poetry, every single word needs to be considered. Maki…