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Paid reach.

Dear brands and custodians thereof: It's probably quite true that organic reach is (almost) dead. I've seen it in action: corporate Facebook posts just don't get a lot of traction. No matter how well-written they are, or how engaging the accompanying visuals / videos / whatnots are. And the same holds true for other posts. So I totally understand why you'd want to pay money to promote your posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and feature your videos using TrueView on YouTube. Or invest in PPC (even though it looks so ugly). Still: don't put your money behind mediocre, or even bad content. It just makes you look worse. I'm not going to name and shame, but there are so many brands that put money behind not especially engaging content (to say nothing of its aesthetic merit). So my point is: Make sure you have good content before pushing it out. With well-crafted words and effective visuals. And these need to be underwritten by strong ideas and creat