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On the two types (or are there?) of advertising.

I see advertising as (roughly) split into two. On the one hand, we have PPCish ads – things of ugly and meaningless clickbait noise that my brain basically blends out. Not inspirational, not aspirational. Like what's featured at the top of my Gmail 'Promotions' tab. Lest I sound too dismissive: I'm actually studying this type of advertising at the moment. These ads are obviously effective, and if something can make our clients money (and by extension the business and thus myself money) it would be incredibly short-sighted of me to ignore it just because it doesn't appeal to me personally. And there's definitely a "creativity within restraint" process involved in creasing the most effective ads given the incredibly restricted character limit. Then there's the other hand. Because then there are those ads which – both visually and in terms of copy – are things of pure beauty, and (often) driven by so much intelligence. Those ads which I at least would