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The case against (superfluous) words.

In middle and high school, I painstakingly worked at making my writing as overwrought as possible. To appear sophisticated and intelligent. Because complicated ideas need to be expressed in a complicated way (I think Lacan said something to that same effect – at any rate, I swiftly embraced him and his writings in all their complexity at university). And I didn't just overwrite for English class. History. Biology. Even Chemistry. And the few written Math assignments we had. (And my PE teacher liked my written assignment so much that she used it as a positive example - never mind that my hand and eye coordination is atrocious.) I eventually stripped back. Now I'm very minimalist. (Or try to be.) I only use complicated words when simpler ones genuinely won't do. (And in most cases, they do suffice.) I especially hate "utilize." Why? It comes down to time, and user friendliness. And of course  Rutherford's argument that "if you can't explain your physic