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Manipulation in marketing and advertising.

Marketing, advertising – it's all just bullshit. It comes down to manipulation. You've got to play the game. One reason I started writing these articles is because in early 2016, one of my work friends said the above to me. And I was a bit stuck for a reply. I mumbled something along the lines of "! We're here to inspire people and improve their lives" – which was only met by a cynical laugh. In retrospect (and despite evidence to the contrary ), I didn't really know what to say because I like to pretend that the marketing-slash-advertising industry doesn't involve manipulation. Because manipulation sounds deceitful. And bragging about one's manipulative abilities (viz. my colleague) can never not come across as presumptuous. "Lo and behold how I can make people do things with my awesome Machiavellian skills." (In fairness, the colleague actually said what he did out of...kindness. He thought – and still does – that I make life unnece

When knowledge constrains.

Our head of digital design told me she tries to stay away from learning more about the coding side of things when thinking about website designs, user experiences, and ilk. Because it would limit her. She says wouldn't feel able to come up with grand concepts if she knew more about how it actually works. I think (and write) a lot about innovation and creativity. How people can truly "think outside the box" and come up with thoughts and concepts that haven't yet been created, and could bring about genuine change. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to come up with an idea that feels fresh. My main problem is that since I strive to be something that will truly stand out so much – and so fiercely – that it stifles me. So I sometimes feel I spend more time figuring out how to best execute others' innovative ideas rather than coming up with my own. But still – how is innovation created? It's such a paradox. Because to some extent, imagination is the key. You need someon