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Marketing vs. advertising.

  In early February, I was disillusioned. As part of my project to write a manifesto of sorts about what content marketing is, and how it's different from advertising, I read, and re-read, two short paragraphs I wrote ages ago, not quite happy with them but unable to revise them, unable to add more. At its worst, marketing and advertising create in people the desire to buy products and services that they don’t actually need. Preying on weaknesses and insecurities. At its best, marketing makes people’s lives easier. It tells people what products, services, and information are out there to help them achieve more and do better. As I wrangled over concepts and thoughts, agonizing to find the right words, and fully empathizing with Prufock (not to bring Saussure and Lacan into the equation) – because it really is  impossible to say just what I mean  – I was shaken out of my torpor by our Creative Director and one of the Junior Art Directors. Our discussion meandered, and eventually ende

The first post is the hardest.

Part of me wants start off by laying out my manifesto on marketing, advertising, copywriting, the power of words, how they relate to one another, and all the other context. But if I got all that out of the way I would never be in a position to just say what I want to say. The only context that is needed is this: some people are of the opinion that all marketing is bullshit. The thing is: while I see where they're coming from, I don't think that's true. In Spielberg's  A.I. Artificial Intelligence (awkward punctuation for an awkward film) the android protagonist's mother uses a seven word protocol (like a Golem, I only just realized). And then the trouble starts. Though I don't have much patience for the film, I do like what this scene communicates: that there's a certain combination of words that can cause people to act in specific ways. I spend a good chunk of my day coming up to find the right words grouped into the right combination to have the right eff